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Astronomical Society of Biggin Hill

About the Club

Our group of amature Astronomers ageing from 15-16 are set up to go around not only Biggin Hill but also the United Kingdom. We are based in Biggin Hill and do small events at night by either doing some stargazing or meetings about major events that may be happening. We are currently a team of students going to Glebe Secondary School. We got the idea when we were doing our option "Astronomy" our teacher said we should go for it. We are very new and are looking for members. If you are interested in joining you can email me or my fellow partner Jack Grayson at :

If you wish to ask questions please proceed to our forums and have dicussions with our members and share your Astronomy life with us!

Our current members are:

  • George Larby : Founder
  • Jack Grayson : Founder
  • Danny Miller : Member
  • Kerian O'brian : Member
  • Zak Penfold : Member
  • Reece Mc : Member

Hope to see you all soon.

Yours sincerely George Larby

Contact Details


Contact: George Larby

Email Address:

Telephone: 0208432567

Address: 122A Main Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham, London, London


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