Upcoming Astronomy TV Shows

Each month there is normally a lot of programmes related to space, astronomy, and space science on UK television and radio. The BBC normally shows most of these, including The Sky At Night.

If you live in the UK you can catch up with any of the programmes that you have missed through the BBC iPlayer. If you download the iPlayer programme to your computer you can also subscribe to future programmes in the series

Stargazing Live

This year BBC Stargazing Live starts on at the end of March on a Monday and lasts through to Friday. This year it is the focus is on Exoplanets, Saturn and the Milky Way. You can watch the episodes live on BBC 2 or online through the BBC iPlayer. You can also watch episodes from the previous series online too through the website. This series is good for people who are just starting in astronomy as well as advanced astronomers.

Watch Stargazing Live

Astronomy Programmes on BBC iPlayer

Programmes on the BBC iPlayer website are normally only available to people within the UK and for a limited time.

The Sky at Night

You can view the latest episode of The Sky at Night on the BBC iPlayer website.

The Sky at Night

Mars: A Horizon Guide

Drawing on 45 years of Horizon archive, space expert Dr Kevin Fong presents a documentary on Earth's near neighbour.

Mars: A Horizon Guide

Astronomy Programmes Available on Youtube

You has full programmes available to watch on astronomy and science. List of Astronomy Programmes on Youtube.

Astronomy Programmes Available to Watch Online

Gods in the Sky

Presented by Professor Allan Chapman

Professor Allan Chapman reveals that the myths of our ancient ancestors conceal extraordinary astronomical insights, and shows how their astronomical religion of Gods in the Sky played a central role in the development of human civilisation, allowing them to measure time and bring order to their chaotic lives.

Watch Online

Edge of the Universe

This 3 part series explores the most terrifying and mysterious phenomena that we know of in the Universe.

Watch on Youtube.