Astronomy Radio Programmes

If you listen to podcasts and astronomy radios stations you may also be interested in programmes on national radio about astronomy.

Upcoming Shows

Show shows that will be happening soon.

BBC World Service


A 5 part series available to listen to online.

In episode 1 Dava Sobel uncovers the brilliance of her hero, the 16th century Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who revealed the true model of the universe by putting the Sun, rather than the Earth, at its hub.

Stargazing: Copernicus' Heavenly Spheres

In episode 2 Dava Sobel hears from telescope operators at ALMA, the remote observatory high in the Atacama Desert in Chile, talking to us with their oxygen tanks at the ready

Stargazing: Astronomy from the Edge of the World

BBC Radio 4

Radio 4 has many interesting radio programmes about astrononomy and science.

Helen Keen’s It Is Rocket Science

This radio show starts Helen Keen, Suzy Kane and Peter Serafinowicz and takes a comic look at space and science themes, but keeps the facts scientifically-accurate.

The third series of It Is Rocket Science starts on April 2nd 2014. You can listen on BBC Radio 4, or on the BBC iPlayer on demand.

It Is Rocket Science

The Great Space Hunt

Jolyon Jenkins speaks to the unsung army of people who are trying to keep us safe from the threat from outer space, and asks whether it's right that we depend so much on enthusiasts.

The Great Space Hunt

Planets, Satellites and Asteroids

A collection of BBC Radio 4 programmes relating to planets, satellites and asteroids.

Planets, Satellites and Asteroids

Older Radio Programmes on Demand

Some older radio programmes are free to listen online. Here is a list of some that are still available. Read more...