Older Radio Programmes on Demand

Some older radio programmes are free to listen online.

BBC Radio 4

The Herschel Space Telescope (November 2009)

A two-part series with Jonathon Amos follows the engineers and astronomers who are working on the biggest telescope ever sent to space, in one of the most important missions in the history of European spaceflight.


Cosmic Quest (July 2008)

A series with 30 parts about the history of astronomy. Presented by Heather Couper.


Fly me to the Moon (June 2007)

A two-part series examining the emergence of a new space race, as four nations prepare for lunar missions in 2008. You can listen to both parts on the BBC website.


Bernard Lovell: The Individual and the Universe: 1958 (Dec 1958)

A six-part series with Bernard Lovell, Professor of Radio Astronomy at Manchester University, examines the history of and current inquiry into our solar system and the origin of the universe.