Astronomy Podcasts

There are quite a few podcasts about astronomy. You can normally subscribe to these using a podcast reader, or itunes so that you automatically download the latest episodes when they are available.

If you know of any other astronomy related podcasts that you think should be included in this list please let us know.

365 Days of Astronomy

A new astronomy related podcast is uavailable from this podcast stream each day. They have been going since 2009 and compile podcasts from people around the world.

Visit the 365 Days of Astronomy website.

Astronomy Cast

Astronomy Cast is a podcast that is regularly updated.

Visit the Astronomy Cast website.

Astronomy Magazine Podcast

Astronomy magazine have a podcast that is updated weekly. In the podcasts they talk about some of the topics covered within the magazine.

Visit the Astronomy Magazine website.

The Jodcast

The University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank podcast has information about what you can see in the sky at the moment as well as interviews with astronomers.

Visit The Jodcast website. Podcast

You can listen to some of the shows by subscribing to their podcast through iTunes.

Awesome Astronomy

The Awesome Astronomy podcast is made for anyone who has an interest in astronomy. A new podcast is released every month..

Visit the Awesome Astronomy website.